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May 1st - September 9th, 2017, Dam Permitting

10am - 6pm

Last trip runs at 3:30 due to the dam release

maplong.jpgThe River

The Tuckasegee River an easier family friendly river near the Great Smokies National Park. The Tuckaseegee is part of the Tennessee River Valley, its water eventually flows into the Mississippi River and on down to the Gulf of Mexico.

Located in the western part of NC flowing through a scenic mountain valley and several quaint communities. River trips start from our Outfitters at Barkers Creek Crossing in Whittier, NC 28789 on hwy 74 & 441. We issue equipment and do our pre-trip briefing at the Outfitters. The Outfitters location is where you park your car and return to at the end of your trip. We also have an outfitters store full of gear, t-shirts, snacks, and more for you to enjoy at the end of your trip.

The first few miles of the river flows in and around several islands. Keep a sharp eye out for Kingfishers, Blue Herons, several families of ducks or a bald eagle.

While warmer then some of the other dam controlled rivers in the area, the Tuckaseegee usually runs about 70 degrees in the summer months, we still have plenty of fisherman along the banks so please respect their space. The state record brown trout was recently caught upstream from out outfitters.

Down river the rapids get quicker and closer together. The names often give you a clue as to what to expect. Check out our map section and take a look at some photos of the river experience.

You know the end is near when you see the Historic Barkers Creek Bridge. Our takeout is on the right under the new State Bridge located directly next to our outfitters so there is no 2nd bus ride in wet clothes to get to your car. Along with dry clothes and cold drinks only steps away we have a gift shop in the Outfitters Store if you feel the need for a t-shirt or even a GUIDE HAT you have earned it!